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With Climbo, get positive reviews on Google, Facebook and other platforms, avoiding negative reviews. More reviews, more customers!

👇🏻 Why are reviews important for your local business?

From a Moz.com survey, 88% of consumers read reviews before choosing a local business, and 68% choose a business solely because of the amount of positive reviews.

Google itself states in its SEO guide that "Google review count and review score factor into local search ranking. More reviews and positive ratings can improve your business' local ranking."

Climbo has been chosen by over 1,000 local businesses and agencies

Climbo is used by

Small local businesses
Reviews are of primary importance to local businesses in the restaurant, hospitality, healthcare, health and wellness, and retail sectors.
Ferro Pizza
Take-Away Pizzeria
Before Climbo

13 reviews

on Google
After 3 months with Climbo

74 reviews

on Google, Facebook, Tripadvisor
Having a great online reputation is critical for healthcare professionals, personal trainers, psychologists, lawyers, accountants, architects, and home services.
Dr. Giacomo Lucchesi
Nutritionist & Personal Trainer
Before Climbo

24 reviews

on Google
After 3 months with Climbo

171 reviews

on Google, Facebook, MioDottore
Web marketing agencies
Managing online reputation of your customers can be complicated. With Climbo you centralize the processes in a single tool, organizing the work and saving time.
On Solutions
SEO Agency with 10 clients
Before Climbo

56 reviews

on Google
After 3 months with Climbo

735 reviews

on Google and Facebook
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5 advantages of Google reviews

Google reviews improve online visibility and local SEO
Google reviews increase trust in your business
Get a constant feedback loop with Google reviews
Improve click-through rates to your website with Google Reviews
Attract more customers to your business with Google reviews

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The impact of reviews on local SEO, Google Ranking and revenue

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How it works


Send your link to request a review

Your landing page to generate reviews
You will have a unique link to send to your customers after the buying experience. You can send it via QR Code on site, or via email, SMS and Whatsapp, directly from Climbo.
Filter your customers' experiences
Once the link is clicked, your customer will be able to rate their experience. You'll be able to filter positive or negative experiences to avoid negative reviews.
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Prevent 80% of negative reviews

Protect your online reputation
Send the review request and prevent angry customers from writing something public online. Only you can read the feedback, keep an excellent online reputation.
Win back unhappy clients
Receive the negative feedback by email and respond to the complaint to deal with the unhappy customer. Analyze the negative feedbacks and correct your mistakes.
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Increase your positive online reviews

More reviews, more revenues
Stimulate happy clients to leave reviews on public platforms. 68% of your potential customers will read them. If you're prepared, they'll choose you against competitors.
Improve SEO and Google ranking
According to Google, lots of positive reviews drive up your rankings, placing you ahead of your competition. Increase online visibility, traffic and sales.
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Try Climbo for free for 14 days

Start free with the Free Plan, upgrade to the Pro Plan to unlock more features. Are you an agency? With the Multi Account Plan you connect all your clients, and centralize review management in a single tool.
Single business
1 account


or €39,90/month
Review link with unlimited impressions
Send 1000 monthly review requests via Email
Send unlimited review requests via Whatsapp
Send 200 monthly review requests via SMS
Centralise reviews from +20 platforms
Social proof widgets with unlimited impressions
Share auto-generated review posts on Facebook & Instagram
Reply to Google & Facebook reviews
Capture video testimonials
Remove branding
Zapier automations
Add your team members
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Small agency
From 2 to 10 account


or €19,90/month*
*cost per each account
Add 2 or more accounts to your Climbo profile
Centralize the management and monitoring of reviews
All Pro features for every business
Try for 14 days
Medium-big agency
From 11 to 50 account


or €12,90/month*
*cost per each account
Add 2 or more accounts to your Climbo profile
Centralize the management and monitoring of reviews
All Pro features for every business
Try for 14 days

All features

Connect Google, Facebook, and other platforms
You want to have an excellent online reputation, but this takes at least 1 resource. Climbo does the work for you: request and generate reviews on Google, Facebook, Tripadvisor, Airbnb, Booking, Play Store, App Store, and +20 platforms.
Collect easily just positive reviews via QR Code
You are not asking for reviews, but you should (or you'll get just negative ones). If you are a local business, place our QR codes in loco, on tables, next to the cashier or at the reception. Your clients will scan it and easily leave just positive reviews.
Automate review requests via Whatsapp, Email, SMS
You ask for reviews manually, but we know it takes time. Write text templates, upload CSV files with your clients' contact details (email or phone), and send hundreds of review requests, in seconds. Wanna automate? We are also on Zapier!
Capture and share amazing video testimonials
You are doing retargeting ads, but they are not working. Video testimonials are the most effective way to increase CTR and conversions. Capture amazing video selfie from your best clients with Climbo, use them to convert 20% more.
Increase website conversions through social proof widgets
You want to sell more, but that's difficult. We know 68% of consumers read online reviews before buying. Why not showing your best reviews on your website and landing page? Embed our social proof widgets and increase lead or purchase conversions.
Share reviews on social media with one click
You want to show your followers the glowing reviews your business get, but reviews screenshot are horrible. Turn reviews into beautiful images and share them on Facebook and Instagram (also Stories), with just a click of a button.

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