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Competitor Analysis

Why is Climbo better than HighLevel?

An easy-to-use review management software you can easily sell to local business owners.

  • ​Best UI/UX: Beautiful design and UI/UX, easy to customize, easy to use by clients, without useless features.
  • Easy to sell: It helps your clients to get and manage reviews, improving SEO and organic rankings.
  • Affordable: A single affordable annual subscription everyone can afford, even students or freelancers.

An all-in-one marketing and sales software you can customize and sell to business owners. 

  • ​Bad UI/UX: Outdated design and UI/UX, hard to customize, hard to understand and use by clients.
  • Hard to sellLoaded with tens of different features with no real impact on your clients' revenues.
  • Expensive: Not affordable by small agencies or entrepreneurs who want to start their career selling software.
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