Automates the sending of review requests

Want more reviews? Ask for them! Prepare text templates, import CSV lists of your customers, and send hundreds of personalized review requests in one click via Email, SMS, Whatsapp, or QR code.

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Filter experiences with Climbo Link

Are you afraid that some customers will leave a negative review? Don't worry! Through the Climbo Link, dissatisfied customers (1 to 3 stars) are directed to contact you privately, while satisfied customers (4 or 5 stars) will leave you a public review.

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Protect from negative reviews

Dissatisfied customers are asked to complete a form that will not be posted online. In this way, the Climbo Link will protect you from public negative reviews. You will immediately receive a notification to respond and retrieve the customer.

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Get only positive reviews

Satisfied customers can review you on Google, Facebook, and other platforms. A large number of reviews on Google improves SEO and Map Ranking. Many positive reviews on multiple platforms improve your online credibility.

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Capture fantastic video testimonials

By enabling video testimonials in your Climbo Link, your customers can record short video selfies to share their positive experience. Then use these videos as marketing materials, to increase sales.

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Get notifications, monitor, respond

From Climbo's Feedback Manager you can keep track of your entire online reputation. Receive an email notification when you receive a review, monitor everything from one screen, and respond directly from Climbo.

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Showcase reviews on the site

Increase your site's conversions show the best reviews from your customers. Install widgets on your site with a simple copy and paste of an HTML element. Compatible with any CMS (Wordpress, Shopify, Webflow, WIX, Squarespace, etc.).

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Share reviews on Social Networks

Share your customers' voice on social media! Climbo automatically generates custom images with text from your customers' reviews. You can share them with a simple click on Facebook and/or Instagram (even on Stories).

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Analyze your online reputation

Analyze the growth and distribution of your online reviews. Make sure you have steady growth, have reviews distributed across multiple platforms, and have an average rating above 4.5 stars.

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24/7 support

Within the platform you will find a Whatsapp chat through which you can connect directly with our support team.

97% satisfaction rate
<1 hour response time


Use cases

Hundreds of companies in every industry use Climbo to improve online reputation.


It is critical for an e-commerce business to have many reviews and display them on their site to increase conversions.

Web agency

Manage your customer reviews through Climbo. Connect all your activities and centralize processes in one tool.


With the explosion of online platforms for searching for a physician, reviews have become critical for any health professional.

Personal care

Hairdressers, beauty salons, estheticians need reviews to get noticed online.


Most consumers do not consider a restaurant with few reviews or a rating below 4 stars.


Guests look for answers to their questions among reviews. It is therefore critical for a hotel to have hundreds of reviews, across multiple platforms.

Local Businesses

For any local business, ranking on Google is critical, and it depends heavily on reviews.


Most professionals have fewer than 2 reviews. More reviews can give you the competitive edge you need.

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